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Model 231

In the conduct of its business, Aglatech14 S.P.A. is inspired by loyalty, fairness, transparency, honesty and integrity as its guiding principles.

These principles translate into the customer focus, passion, pride and integrity of its teamwork and in the constant search for innovation.

These fundamental principles are linked to 2 important documents that Aglatech14 has adopted:

The adoption of the Organisation, Management and Control Model was highly sought after by Aglatech14 since it is considered a fundamental tool to raise awareness among all those working in the interest or to the benefit of the Company as well as an effective means of prevention against the risk of committing the crimes and administrative offences envisaged by the relevant legislation.

Pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 2-bis of Italian Legislative Decree 231/01, Aglatech 14 S.p.A. guarantees to all Recipients of the 231 Model the possibility to report any alleged irregular/illegal conduct, also in anonymous or confidential form (so-called Whistleblowing); the same are not necessarily intended as alleged criminal offences, but also as conducts contrary to the requirements and principles set out in the Regulations, the Code of Conduct, the 231 Model  and/or the company procedures. Reports can be sent to the same email address:

The document underlying the Organisation and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 adopted by the Company is the Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics aims to define and formalise the ethical values which the Company identifies with so that these values underpin the corporate culture, as well as the standard of conduct that all employees, collaborators and suppliers are required to abide by.