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Language Technology

In the modern world, even the oldest professions have had to evolve to keep up with the times.

Therefore, with a view to ensuring maximum efficiency and the best possible quality, we use specific and cutting-edge technologies for the provision of our language services.

A dedicated team takes care of research, implementation and management of new language learning and translation technologies to meet any and all needs fully and promptly.

You will be able to rely on our long-standing experience to help you choose the best technologies for your projects.



Our goal is to provide consistently high quality standards in line with the expectations of each one of our customers. Each translation is subject to scrupulous quality checks with the aid of translation quality control and assessment software (TQA, Translation Quality Assessment).

These programs can be integrated into CAT tools or used as stand-alone solutions, but no matter the set-up they greatly benefit the desired output.

CAT Tools


Now a staple in the industry, Computer-Assisted Translation tools, or CAT tools for short, have become a must for the management of any translation project. Thanks to several possible settings and many customisable options, they guarantee the flexibility and management accuracy needed to guarantee the best possible translation quality in the shortest possible time.

Based on Translation Memory (TM) technology, they incorporate various quality control tools, such as spelling and grammar checks, translation, terminological and morphological consistency and coherence checks. They also provide the means to ensure that your projects are assigned to the best possible resources.
For each project, our specialists will set up the work with the utmost flexibility, choosing among the various market-leading software that we make available to you and tinkering with the all the possible settings.

Image processing software


Our design team is constantly on the lookout for new and advanced technical solutions to support and accelerate the image processing of your documents. The numerous services offered, such as formatting, page layout, file conversion, translation of graphic elements, are made available with the highest level of flexibility to accommodate any request. They are constantly supported by various tools, such as classic image processing software (i.e. Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop) with the integration of OCR and word processing programs.

Machine Translation:


In the third millennium, machine translation (MT) has made great strides, providing unprecedented translation quality and processing speed which, until a few years ago, had been unthinkable. However, it has also opened many new challenges associated with data confidentiality, quality service assessment and sourcing specialised resources. This has affected the way we manage our software and the way we process the MT output.

Our teams offer practical solutions to all these issues and many more, providing fast post-editing services (the qualitative processing of machine translation) and high-quality management advice to make the best use of these new technologies.