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Since its inception, Aglatech14 has always pursued quality, transparency, and customer focus as part of its mission and values.

To maintain and set the highest standards on the market, Aglatech14 has been a member of the most important sector associations for years. We participate in events and conferences, as well as sponsoring some of them directly. We maintain a positive benchmarking approach with other industry experts.

Aglatech14 is thus able to face the challenges of the Language Industry with the necessary know-how and a wealth of human and technical capital, projecting itself with enthusiasm towards the future of the sector and of the company.

FEDERLINGUE is the Italian Confcommercio Association of companies and professionals operating in the language services sector (Translation and Interpreting, Language Training, Conferences, Localisation and Internationalisation and related services) on the national territory.

The Association is part of the Union of Commerce, Tourism, Services and Professions of the Province of Milan.

By joining Federlingue, language training, translation and interpreting companies fully adopt the Code of Corporate Governance.

“The right communication with one’s partners on international markets is “the foundation of a thriving business, both in terms of the quality of relations, and the clarity and correctness of the agreements. This is why this new Code also serves as a tool to bolster our business with foreign countries “- Claudio Rotti, Chairman of Aice (Italian Foreign Trade Association)

The aim is to promote the credibility of businesses and the quality of services, in the context of an evolving market where language skills are now a must.

The Code of Corporate Governance of Federlingue was presented in 2017.

Reviewed by the Milan Chamber of Commerce and discussed with experts from Federlingue and the Market Harmonization Service of the Milan Chamber of Commerce (CCIA), in addition to the association rules, the Code also includes rules of conduct for teachers, translators and personnel in charge of ancillary services.

Not only does the company, as a single economic unit, benefit from it, but all training and translation service users have a solid point of reference at their disposal.

This protects users’ expectations and provides greater efficiency in exchanges, transparency and legal compliance.

The Service Charters, one for translation and interpreting and the other for schools and language courses, intend to disseminate and share certain rules and correct business practices among businesses and consumers, including in the language sector.

The rights and duties of each are made clear without any unnecessary complications, fostering a climate of mutual trust, and encouraging economic and cultural exchanges.

All member companies can provide their input in terms of ideas, proposals, opinions, and projects to help make the association and membership life in Federlingue more useful and profitable.

Federlingue has also implemented an app to find suitable translation companies for a professional and quality service.

Interesting agreements have been entered into with renowned and reliable market analysis companies in the Translation/Interpreting and Language Schools sectors, with leading companies in professional neural translation systems or for the purchase of CAT software.

There are advantageous solutions for professional liability insurance cover and for the Certifications of quality and sector standards (including UNI EN ISO 17100), as well as offers from Unione Confcommercio Milano and from Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia to provide tailor-made support, advice and services for entrepreneurs.

Further benefits for members are the presentation of lists of competent translators by Federlingue at the Court of Milan and Padua and refresher courses for business owners and internal and external collaborators, seminars, forums and conferences.

Founded in 2005, Elia (European Language Industry Association) is a non-profit association, which involves numerous LSPs (Language Service Providers) among the most reputable in Europe, with the common mission of facilitating the growth and success of the business of its members.

Being part of the Elia universe means being able to participate in major events and sponsorships in the Language Industry sector and webinars for updating and networking opportunities, as well as getting in touch with an audience of experts in the sector, with a view to a continuous and mutual exchange of experiences, opinions and values.

Last but not least, a profitable network of contacts within the community is thus developed and it is possible to participate in the European Language Industry Survey, a survey on the language sector market that originates from the mutual collaboration and organisation by Elia, EUATC ELIA, FIT Europe, GALA and Women in Localization.

Being an Elia member allows you to participate in the events organised by the association and its partners and to purchase Language service software at special and discounted rates.