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Awards and Certifications

Aglatech14’s commitment to the language industry is backed by its constant strive for improvement and attention to detail. To guarantee our customers the highest quality and transparency, we have worked hard to obtain some important certifications.

Aglatech14 is UNI EN ISO 17100:2015 certified and UNI EN ISO 18587: 2017 certified

Additionally, the quality programme we have adopted was designed to grow with the company and adapt to the needs of our customers: for this reason, we strive to be flexible and to keep up with technology. To this end, the quality system has been customised as much as possible while remaining in full compliance with ISO standards.

At Aglatech14 we promote the concept of constructive feedback, and our goal is to obtain quality at source. An in-house team supports the work of our linguists by evaluating the quality of their output while also working alongside them to achieve the highest quality standards.


The use of customised technologies supports us in our assessments and in the management of the quality programme, collecting key data that will subsequently be used to refine our future strategy.

The key principles of our quality policy are:

  • Language services that meet industry standards
  • Thorough checks on all processes
  • Periodic review of our quality objectives
  • Constant improvement of the effectiveness of our management system
  • Regular updates on industry developments
  • Transparent communication to our customers
  • In a mutual exchange, listening to the observations, needs and wants of our customers allows us to provide them with new solutions at all times

Aglatech14 has developed a quality improvement and management system for each language project.

We maintain quality standards through the following measures:

  • All professionals working on our projects are native speakers and possess specific skills in the sector and in the subject matter of the translation assigned to them
  • We monitor our linguists’ performance by completing an evaluation form for each assignment
  • Our staff receives ongoing training
  • Our procedure includes the submission of a periodic survey on customer satisfaction to allow customers to evaluate all aspects of our service and give us – with their contribution – not only feedback on the work of our team and on the projects delivered, but also ideas for the future.

Our experience in the sector and our commitment have enabled us to obtain important awards:

  • CSA Research: TOP 10 Southern Europe LSP for the year 2019 – 2020 – 2021
  • TOP 100 LSP 2021 Slator LSPI (The Slator Language Service Provider Index – LSPI – is a ranking and an index of the world’s largest translation, localization, interpreting, and language technology companies)