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Technical industrial – IT

Language services for the technical industrial - IT sector

Industrial production is now more global than ever; the creation and marketing of many technical devices spans across continents and involves professionals who speak different languages and belong to different cultures.

Having a specialised linguistic partner for your sector is crucial in order to give your business an international dimension. Additionally, in a fiercely competitive scenario, bringing costs down while maintaining high quality standards are extremely valuable assets to stand out from the competition.

Our solutions are flexible and tailored to your every project, and our in-house project managers have the necessary experience to direct you towards the best service for your requirements, thus optimising costs to the maximum.


Thanks to our twenty-year experience in the field of linguistic services, we can boast a wide network of professionals specialised in the technical-industrial-IT sector. They are subject matter experts capable of supporting you in the delicate task of communicating and adapting your product to the global market, thanks to their key terminology knowledge to ensure you achieve your business goals.

Our linguistic support activities for the technical-industrial sector cover all markets and guarantee an effective response to any request, including the most specific and technical one, whilst strictly adhering to all confidentiality agreements.