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Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading service

Thanks to our flexible structure, we are able to offer specific services for your every need; we provide an excellent editing service into and from Italian, i.e. a thorough bilingual analysis comparing the source text with the translation to ascertain not only that the translation matches the original text, but also to check grammatical, spelling and stylistic accuracy, as well as terminological consistency.

This type of service ensures the cultural adaptation of the translated text to the target market, an important factor to convey one’s message in a clear and effective manner, using the nuances of meaning of each language.

The role of the editor comes into play not only for the dedicated service but is a key player in ensuring the quality of each of our translation projects, thanks to the support of cutting-edge technologies which help editors spot any imperfections.

Editing requires accuracy, excellent knowledge of the subject matter of the translation, as well as core linguistic and editorial competencies; a wealth of know-how that we have built up over years of experience in the sector.

In addition to editing, we are also able to offer proofreading, which means checking the target content. No translation is perfect until it has been proofread by one of our expert linguists.

Proofreading is necessary to ensure that the content is suitable from every point of view. This type of check is performed on the translated text, reviewing every detail. Our linguists, in addition to having the necessary language skills, are also highly specialised translation professionals and are therefore able to meticulously check a wide range of documents, from technical and specialised ones, to creative ones.

  • We manage projects with a large number of files or multilingual projects and to this end we perform simultaneous cross-checks to guarantee coherence and consistency across the various files;
  • We monitor the quality of the translations and of our translators thanks to an internal quality system that enables us to constantly check and ensure consistency. Linguistic editing and quality checks guarantee the best output at all times