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Graphic design and Desktop Publishing

Graphic design and Desktop Publishing

Our desktop publishing service guarantees the delivery of contents with the correct page layout according to your graphic design requirements.

We offer a complete text formatting service, as well as typesetting in the required formats, with the highest quality standards and according to specific requirements.

Multilingual projects require typesetting standards that vary from one language to another. Some special characters, as well as accents and types of alphabets, can cause issues when it comes to the correct layout of the document.

Thanks to the use of the most popular software applications and a state-of-the-art hardware infrastructure, our specialised graphic designers and desktop publishers can manage any type of document in any coding, language or alphabet.


The expertise of our resources allows us to process documents ensuring the correct handling of images, tables and graphic elements.

We have extensive experience in the conversion of non-editable formats to obtain files that can be processed by translation and word processing software, to reach a final output adapted to the target language.

We make sure that each document complies with the required formatting guidelines and we provide a bespoke graphic design service, to make even the most creative project word-perfect and camera-ready.