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Post editing

Post Editing service

Machine translation, when managed by a competent team that uses the best technologies on the market, is a key asset which can provide a tailor-made, cost-effective and speedy service.

Human interaction with the latest generation software and machines, constantly updated by our dedicated Language Technology Team, guarantees excellent quality output at an extremely affordable translation editing rate. The global market requires the translation of countless amounts of content and, thanks to Post Editing, we can guarantee the supply of large translation volumes whilst optimising costs and lead times.

Our machines are fed daily with thousands of words and, together with our linguists, they create a hybrid man-machine bond capable of coping with even the most complex of projects. Our Post Editors are expert editors: they read, proofread, and optimise the generated texts thanks to their specific language skills.

Moreover, our team can provide you with additional services, such as translation memory optimisation, customised glossaries, the compilation of terminology databases or the evaluation of pre-translated texts.

If you are looking for a quality services that is also quick and cost-effective, Post Editing is the ideal solution. Furthermore, to guarantee fulfilment of the requirements for Post Editing, we are UNI EN ISO 18587: 2017 certified.

Not all texts are suited to this solution, however our in-house project managers will be able to direct you to the most suitable linguistic solution for your project.