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Who we are


Growth driven

We aim to be leaders in the language services market, guaranteeing our customers high quality standards thanks to a team of experienced professionals and the use of cutting-edge technologies.


Professionals and experts in our industry

We are language consultants and trusted providers for our clients, thanks to our knowledge, experience, and flexible approach.


Looking to the future

We always strive to keep up with the times, to improve quality, speed, and efficiency in all our language services.

Our clients have come to rely on our advice, and we are among the top language service providers in Europe. Our experience and flexibility make us the ideal choice for all your projects

We are the professionals you were looking for

We develop our network of freelance linguists through ongoing training, we are also particularly attentive to the generation of future young linguists.

Partnerships with the leading language universities are the cornerstone of our goal-oriented approach.

We use the latest technologies available, investing all possible resources to grow our business, guarantee quality, and increase productivity.


Three words to describe us

Three words sum up our company’s philosophy:
We combine services of outstanding quality with a passion for what we do. To that, we add a community of experts, an integrated innovation hub and cutting-edge technology.


Our vision

We are the experts in content transformation you can trust to help your brand make the right connections anywhere in the world thanks to our passion, people and technology.


Our mission

What we do, and we excel at it:

We serve our clients with a modern approach combining top talent and technology.

We provide them with outstanding quality at scale through a large community of professional experts augmented by cutting-edge technology.

We collaborate, we listen, we are always ready to help.

We are vested into long term relationships with clients, employees and partners. We are open, approachable, easy to do business with, and everyone feels free to contact us anytime they need it.

We are customer-centric and committed.

We are ready to do whatever it takes to help our clients meet their goals. We know how to handle diverse and complex requirements while staying nimble and flexible. Our dedication is second to none.

We are innovative.

We look for breakthroughs to create disruptive solutions that make our clients successful. This is why we have Orbital14 with top class talent in A.I, Machine Learning, Cloud Apps and Neural Machine Translation.

We are trusted advisors.

We nurture client relationships that drive long-lasting value as the basis of our business. We do it with honesty, transparency and integrity. Our clients know they are in safe hands, and they are happy to recommend us.

We are passionate about what we do.

We convey this in the way that we communicate and engage. Our employees and partners share our values and want to work with us because they know they can use their skills to achieve great things.

We are committed to the principles of sustainability.

We recognize that global development must balance social, economic and environmental sustainability, and support such commitment through our actions, governance and decision-making.

How we work

Project Manager:

Our Project Managers follow the entire production process, from project acceptance to output delivery.


Expert linguists, native speakers specialised in the subject matter, who work with cutting-edge programs and technologies.


A dedicated in-house team that double-checks the work done through a series of meticulous quality controls.

Subject Matter Expert:

Subject graduates who can provide the appropriate terminology for any type of language project.


Orbital 14

Language Technology


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What they say

They always comply with deadlines. Very professional and friendly service. Thank you!


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