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Who we are

Our goal is to lead the Italian language services market by providing clients with outstanding quality through cutting-edge technology and a large community of expert professionals.

What we do

  • Our knowledge, experience and flexible approach to services make Aglatech14 our client’s first-choice advisor and provider
  • Our relentless pursuit of innovation enables us to improve the quality, speed and efficiency of all our services

How we do it

  • We promote the professional growth of our network of first-rate freelance linguists through continuous training, aimed particularly at younger translators
  • We pursue our objectives through partnerships with top-class language universities
  • We keep abreast with the latest technology, investing significant resources in growing, improving quality and increasing productivity

What drives us

  • Client centricity
    • We put clients’ needs first
  • Passion
    • We are passionate about what we do
  • Integrity
    • We have a strong moral code 
  • Pride
    • We are proud to be part of our community 
  • Teamwork
    • Our entire team is collaborative and constructive
  • Innovation
    • We are constantly on the lookout for new and better ways of working

The life-giving vis [energy] of the language, its creative and poetic strength, whose sparks or light flashes we are able to glean whenever we give meaning, transforms the disaster of Babel into a rain of stars upon mankind (George Steiner)

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