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Intellectual property

Language services for intellectual property

We have been working for over 20 years for the leading Italian and European intellectual property firms and we are fully aware of how meticulous and precise the translation of a patent needs to be. To ensure the highest quality standards, we have developed a division that is specifically dedicated to patent translation.

Thanks to our extensive network of linguists and subject matter experts, we provide a wide range of language solutions in the field of intellectual property. This includes the translation of patents, trademarks and other licences as well as certified and sworn translations.

The registration of an international patent requires scrupulous attention; it is necessary to translate intellectual property documents into all the local languages of the States where the patent is to be filed. Faithfulness to the source text is the first key requirement to be met, without neglecting terminological accuracy and clarity of presentation.


Our experience includes the translation of more than 50,000 patents, as well as thousands of documents related to the patent domain such as technical reports and opinions. We have the necessary expertise to become your trusted language service provider.

We have built our workflow by designing technologies that help us in the management of every type of project, including the most complex ones. We can guarantee a prompt response for your every need and our Project Managers, who are intellectual property experts, will also advise and guide you in the choice of the most suitable service.