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Certification and Authentication

Certification and Authentication Service

The translation of legal documents drawn up in foreign languages to be submitted to Italian authorities or of documents drawn up in Italian to be used abroad is often associated with other key services: certification and authentication.

Our certification service, also referred to as sworn translation, certifies that the translated text matches the original text and gives validity to the translation in Italy.

The translation is certified at the Court or Small Claims Court by the translator : by signing the report, which is countersigned by the Court Registrar, we undertake civil and criminal responsibility for the translation.

Conversely, when the translation must be sent abroad, a further requirement follows the certification: it becomes necessary to authenticate the Court Registrar’s signature at the Public Prosecutor’s Office.


Authentication is required for documents drawn up in Italy to be enforced with foreign authorities and certifies the legal validity of the person who affixed his/her signature at the foot of a document, as well as the signature’s authenticity.

Our authentication service validates the title of the Public Official who signed a document and certifies the signature of the registrar or notary who countersigned the translator’s sworn statement.

In the event that the translated document is intended for one of the States that entered the Hague Convention of 5/10/1961, we provide a simplified authentication service called Apostille.

For countries not adhering to the Hague Convention, a double authentication is required: the first at the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the second at the target country’s Consulate in Italy.

Thanks to our expertise in legal translations, we are able to guarantee all the necessary additional services with the professionalism that this sector requires.